sparkling in holiness

sparkling in holiness


As I face the unknowns of this coming day, I praise you, Lord Jesus, for what you will lead me through, and for what you will allow and disallow. I praise you that I can rest in you,

in your wonderful, marvelous, majestic and mighty Character,

sparkling in holiness, shining in purity, glowing in love, radiating forgiveness.


You are perfect, wise, absolute, gracious and righteous.

You are trustable, loving, firm and good.

You are the One and Only to be exalted and worshiped.

In you there is no evil, no fault, no wrong, no error.

In you there is only goodness, righteousness, purity and holiness.


Therefore, to you belongs praise, to you belongs trust, to you belongs obedience.

I bow before you now, surrendering myself and my desires to you in worship, I lay them on the altar of your love, and ask that you will do what you desire with each one. Fulfill what is good, deny what is not.

May be an image of scorpion grass