Spring time! My favorite season, full of promise and hope. Every day the sun comes up earlier, every evening it goes down later. It is a reminder of the newness of Life that Jesus brought to us, and brings to us new every day.

The chores of winter have dropped off my list such as filling the humidifiers, checking the heater, keeping the doors to the bathroom and bedroom closed.

Life is easier with no more dark mornings, no more early darkness in the evening. The peep frogs are out, the Canadian Geese family has arrived on the pond. The daffodils have lifted their sunny little faces to the sky. The forsythia has shyly started to show its bright yellow petals and the lilacs have a touch of green on their branches.

The April afternoon sun now shines  down on us, burning away the memory of cold mornings. The temperatures are up in the 80s and  tomorrow I will wear shorts to work.

It is a season bursting with life, wiping out the greys and blacks of winter, leaving behind the frost and snow. Even the moon looks warmer at night.

Soon the trees will get their red aura, ready to burst into the delicate green of new leaves and then darken into the deep green of summer.

I like it when spring comes slowly, beginning with the soft green fizz of the first leaves on the wild rose bushes, moving on to the red sheen of maples, then the fine green of newly sprouted grace. Each step of spring bringing more and more beauty until the full sheen of summer emerges to overwhelm the softness of Spring

Yes, this is my favorite season, a gift from God, and I am enjoying it immensely, giving thanks to Him that He loves beauty and shares it with us. I hope you are, too.

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