Stability is found only in Jehovah

Stability is found only in Jehovah

Praise be to you, Lord, that you are the stability in my life. My performance, good or bad, is not the measure, but your love, grace and goodness, your firmness, righteousness and justice are the standard of stability. And among these qualities, your love is the foundation as you grant us life, both now and forever, a gift we do not deserve.

You are the One who loves counter-conditionally, pouring out your grace on the rebellious, evil human race, calling all to enter your shelter, your family, your Kingdom.  You patiently wait for the correct time to end history, giving all chance after chance to accept your offer of undeserved forgiveness, cleansing and transformation.

Daily you are so gracious to your children as we repeatedly grieve you with pride, selfishness and unkindness, with rebellion, unbelief and idol worship (an idol being anything we demand to be happy). You graciously correct, teach, chasten and guide, over and over as we stumble and zigzag through life.

You daily walk beside us; you are waiting for us to wake each morning, after watching over us in the night. You desire to meet with us, spend time with us, yet so many of your children decline to do so, sleeping in, rushing off to work or school, rejecting your offer of presence, guidance and teaching.

Forgive us, Lord—and you do. Work powerfully in us to bring us to our knees so we will begin to see what we are rejecting, neglecting, missing. Pin us down so we will pay attention and begin to live a life worthy of your Name.