Standing in His Love

Standing in His Love

Lord Jesus,

my God and Lord,

my King and Master,

my Savior and Shepherd,

you have undeservedly set us, your illogically adopted children,

in such a wide and wonderful place,

in a positive position of light and love,

of grace and goodness,

of beauty and brightness,

of care and color, like the scene below.

You have brought us into a place of belonging, where all depends on your faithfulness.

From your gracious heart is an ever-flowing spring of love that waters all relationships, washing away the stains of selfishness and shame of failure.

From your deep forgiveness-filled eyes,

from your pure, grace-giving lips,

from your powerful, health-bestowing hands,

flow the messages of acceptance, cleansing, delight and favor.

In your presence we, who deserve only eternal banishment from your presence, are dearly loved, deeply cared for, doted on and delighted in.

This is not because of anything we are or have done, but because of all you are, Lord Jesus:

the King of Grace,

the Lord of Love,

the Savior of sinners

and Ruler of Restoration.

In you all is made right, all harm is transformed, all wrong will be righted in the end.

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