Supreme, Sublime, Super

Supreme, Sublime, Super


“Why do the nations say, ‘Where is their God?’ Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him” (Ps. 115:3). You, O Lord God, are the final authority—no one can tell you what to do. You can, literally and truly, do whatever pleases you, and all that pleases you is good, pure, positive and holy. You are never tempted to do anything wrong, anything selfish, sinful or negative. All that is evil is totally repulsive to you; you are incapable of doing what is unholy, impure, unloving or ungracious.

No, what pleases you is always lovely, true, noble, right, pure, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy (Phil 4:8). It is according to your character, to your name, to your being, to your essence. You are Love itself, you are Life itself, you are Light itself–you are literally lovely in every aspect of your being.

What pleases you is going to please us, too–in the long run. Your will is what we would want if we had all the facts, which we never do, but we can trust you to have them and act accordingly.

What a joy to be your child. You have given us great privileges: to look on your loveliness, to behold your beauty, to hope in your holy highness, to rejoice in your graceful goodness, to marvel at your glorious greatness, to rest in your full faithfulness. In you we can bow before your pristine purity, obey in your power and provision, and act in your graciousness and goodness—these are the great riches of your children.

I lift you up, revel in you, exalt you, honor you and praise you, my Lord, the King of Kindness, God of Glory, Lord of Love, Leader of Light, Redeemer of rebels.

Prayer: “In all I do, say, think and desire today, may I direct all glory to you, Lord Jesus. May I live the fact that you are my mighty Rock and my Refuge. Amen.”


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