The Color of a life with Jesus

The Color of a life with Jesus

Psalm 32:2 “Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit.”

[Lord Jesus, I praise you that you not only erased my guilt, taking it upon yourself, but that you consistently work in me to bring transparency, making my spirit one of truth, instead of deceit.

My soul certainly has deceit—I do not like my sin being exposed, even to myself, and naturally seek to cover it up. And there is much hidden there that I don’t even know yet, but I praise you for leading me to confess consistently to you: that it is natural for me to be selfish and impatient, impolite and curt, proud and negative, thoughtless and overly focused on self–among many other sins.

Praise you, Lord, that your Spirit works in my spirit and soul to change all this, making me aware of what is wrong so I can abandon it, and know what is right, so I can embrace it.

Help me to stand in ever-growing awe of your greatness and goodness, of the unceasing, ever-cleansing flow of grace from your heart, and to fear you, not man.

Help me today to follow the leading of your Spirit and to be wise and effective for you, basking in the truth that you will never count my sin against me and that you are unceasingly at work to move me forward in sanctification.

You are weaving beautiful colors into my life, like this quilt. I thank you now for what you will do today, whether it be pleasant or painful, trusting you to do and bring what is best.

May be an image of quilt