The Foundation of Life Psalm 11:3-7

The Foundation of Life Psalm 11:3-7

Interesting that yesterday ended with a dissatisfying taste, an emptiness which I tried at first to distill with reading and popcorn, but then, Lord,  you reminded me to praise you for it, as this emptiness was a reminder that my soul finds rest in you alone—and the response to any unsettledness is praise and the sacrifice of thanksgiving.  Praise you, Lord Jesus, for the wonder and stability of knowing you, being a child of the eternal God.  You give us all we need and I can praise you for it.  As it says in Psalm 11:

Psa 11:3  “If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” [we can look away to you, Lord God, the only sure foundation in all of existence. We can praise and thank you, rejoice in your character, rest in your love, live in your wisdom.  The instability of the world only serves to highlight the surety of your character: ‘Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!’]

Psa 11:4  “The Lord is in His holy temple, The Lord’s throne is in heaven;” [You are ever ruling, ever awake, ever alert.  Nothing escapes your notice and you always act at exactly the right time. You rule wisely, wonderfully, willfully. You are moving events to the great conclusion of history, sweeping as many into your Kingdom as are willing to come, and giving those who aren’t willing opportunity as well.]

“His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. [Psa 11:5]  The Lord tests the righteous,” [You watch every person, you test each one, giving opportunities to believe to the not-yet-sons.  And to those who are your children, who have on the righteousness of Christ, you give tests, possibilities to grow, give glory and display grace .  Ah, Lord, help us to remember that difficulties, disappointments, danger and discouragement are tests, each one an opportunity to take up your grace, rise up in praise and defeat the enemy in his own ground.  May we not fail, but cooperate with you, for your glory!]

“But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. “ [Here is one of those seeming paradoxes of the Bible: God loves all, yet hates the wicked. Two possible understandings: He hates what they do, but loves them as His creatures; or here He is speaking of Satan and his minions.  There are, of course, other possibilities. The certainty is that in God’s character there is no contradiction: He hates sin and will punish it, yet found a way to redeem sinners within this context.  You, Lord, are the God of completeness and perfection, without contradiction or wrong.  You are the one we can trust totally.]

Psa 11:6  “Upon the wicked He will rain coals; Fire and brimstone and a burning wind shall be the portion of their cup.” [You, Lord God, will punish the evil, those who love violence, those who hate what is good, those who refuse to believe you and accept Truth.  This is not what you want, but it is what they choose. So you did in Sodom and Gomorrah. So you did in Canaan to those who rejected you, so you will do to all those who refuse your offer of goodness and grace.  There can be no justice without punishment of evil.]

Psa 11:7  “For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness;” [Praise you, Lord God, that in your there is no evil, no darkness, no sin, no wrong.  You are righteous and love righteousness. You cannot be corrupted and corrupt no one.]

“His countenance beholds the upright.” [You in your love and goodness, look ever on us who stand in the uprightness of Christ. You are aware of every event that comes to us, you filter out what is truly evil and harmful, you equip us to deal with what you allow through.  Your love is great, rich, pure and powerful.  You have qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the Kingdom of Light!  To you be glory, honor and praise forever. May you be lifted up, honored and exalted in my life today in my motives, thoughts, words and actions. Amen.]