The Gift of Beauty

The Gift of Beauty

From a journal entry during our time in Germany:

Praise the LORD, another sunny day, beautiful weather, beautiful countryside: rich, warm sunshine streaming over the hills, casting long, deep shadows from the trees and buildings, bringing out every dip and rise in the land. The trees are silver with dew, the river is clothed in shimmering wreathes of fog, flowers are peeking out from bushes, gardens and graveyards, the birds are joyfully flitting and singing in the new day’s light.

You, O Lord God, are a lover of beauty, and are so gracious to share this visual feast with us, a breakfast for the eyes, a refreshment to the soul. I praise you for your marvelous creativity, making all so practical and yet so beautiful. You could have made everything black and white, ugly and efficient—but you have chosen to clothe usefulness in gracefulness, practicality in loveliness. Praise you that you do the same in our lives, making food tasty, procreation pleasurable, worship wonderful.

You are yourself beautiful, Lord, lovely in goodness, graciousness, gloriousness and greatness.

You are righteous, pure, positive and just.

You are kind, compassionate, ready to forgive and long suffering.

You are present, seeing, caring and protecting.

You uphold all who are bowed down.

You deliver from the oppressor.

You heal the broken-hearted.

You guide the lost.

You are the God of only goodness,

The God of eternity,

The God of salvation,

The God of faithfulness.

Therefore You are worthy of worship, praise, glory and honor. I bow before you now in awe, I praise you in gratefulness, I rise up to exalt you in thankfulness and obedience. May you be glorified in my thoughts and actions, words and reactions today, O great and mighty Lord Jesus!