The Gift of Christmas

The Gift of Christmas

December 25, 2015 Christmas!

Praise be to you, Lord God, for giving us Christmas, for giving us the Christ who is the Light of the world, the Savior potential for all and the Shepherd of all those who believe.

I praise you, Lord Jesus, for your willingness to be born into a world of sin, selfishness and Satan’s power, a place where everyone smelled bad, cruelty was the norm and the leaders were all into money and power.

You entrusted yourself to young, inexperienced and ignorant parents who lived among primitive, disobedient people. You were in danger right from the beginning, with Herod wanting to destroy you.

You grew up among diseased, demon-possessed and discontent people, while you yourself remained pure and positive. I praise you for your willingness to come into the darkness and sin of this world to be a Light, to be the Way, to provide the Way Out of blindness, slavery and eternal death.

Today we rejoice in your coming to live amongst us, to be our Savior and now our Lord. May your Name be exalted throughout eternity for your great Love, your persistent Grace and your great Endurance shown in providing salvation for your enemies. Only you would do something like that.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and bow before you in worship and surrender to your goodness.