The Giver of Victories

The Giver of Victories

Psalm 18:50  “He gives his king great victories;”

[You, Lord, give us opportunity to participate in your victories each day, in every temptation, every stress, every desire to grumble–each an opportunity to take up your grace and glorify you with the sacrifice of thanksgiving. You help us in each opportunity, making it possible to deny self and obey Truth, to let go of what is temporary, to hold on to what is eternal and to rise above the frustrations, disappointments and problems of life. And in so doing you help us fulfill the purpose of our lives: honoring you, revealing you to those around us by our trusting you in every circumstance. You are sufficient, you are powerful and you are loving, fully worthy of our complete obedience.]

“he shows unfailing kindness to his anointed,”

[your faithfulness endures forever, your grace flows endlessly, your goodness never fails. In your kindness you are ever the trustable One, always carrying us through the battle as we rest in you and keep on your armor; you carry us onto the heights and to new victories beyond.]

“to David and his descendants forever.”

[And so you have proved faithful in protecting the line of David, and bringing the promised Savior, confirming your unfailing kindness to all people, both Jews and  Gentiles. You are the Lover of the twisted ones, Redeemer of the rebels, Savior of your evil enemies and Shepherd of the scattered flock.

Praise be to you for your unreasonable Love, your illogical grace, your outrageous kindness, your amazing goodness, all poured out upon us day by day when we actually deserve the opposite. Glory be to you, the Great and Good God!]