The God without Needs Who Meets Our Needs

The God without Needs Who Meets Our Needs

Praise you, Lord God, my Triune Lord–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–who are the great demonstration of unity and diversity, of submission in equality, of perfection beyond comprehension. I praise you that in you there is no lack, that you are totally self sufficient, that there is nothing in all of creation that is necessary for you.

You are the One who exists outside of time, outside of creation, outside of all other relationships, outside of need. All that you give, all that you do flows from a self-sufficient heart of love, for the good of others, out of perfect motives and desires.

Praise you for your engaged, committed, consistent, unwavering love for your creatures and creation, demonstrated clearly in not destroying all evil immediately after the fall, neither of Satan nor of Adam and Eve. You press on with the creation story because you have higher and deeper, longer and wider purposes than your own comfort and ease.

You are the God of Wisdom, the God of Understanding, the God of Insight, able to look into the next million years and know all that will come to pass. I praise you that it is with this knowledge that you make all the decisions concerning what will come today, what opportunities you provide for glory-giving in obedience, what challenges, problems, pains and persecutions you allow, what success, achievements and victories you bring.

You are trustable, you are worthy of praise in it all, you are the God of glory, goodness and grace, always holy, holy, holy, the Three in One Author of all. I praise you now for all that will come today and for what you will do. To you be honor and glory in my life. Amen.