The Lavish Love Of Our Lord

The Lavish Love Of Our Lord

Praise you, Lord God, for your goodness, seen in the clear and beautiful dawn, in the wisdom of winter with the trees asleep, stretching their bare limbs to the heavens, awaiting the warm weather to stir them from their slumber with the juices of Spring.

Praise you that you are the God of beauty, doing what is right and good, creating and sharing loveliness with us, drawing us into the beauty of your character in a rich relationship of love lavished on the undeserving.

Praise be to you, Lord God, for your gracious greatness, as you stoop down to view heaven and earth. You do not distain the smallness of your creatures or the lowness of our existence. You are intimately involved in our lives, providing, protecting, proactively guiding.

You are the God of infinite ability to see, hear and attend to every human being, all at the same time. Praise be to you for your eternal, immeasurable powers and abilities, far beyond the comprehension of little man, yet revealed to us in your Word and Incarnation.

I give you glory, O God, for the privilege of knowing you, of being called to your side, of being adopted into your family, of being given love, grace, worth, status and work. Praise you that your love for us flows not out of our performance, but out of your character. What security, what joy, what motivation that brings to live for you. May you be glorified in my life today, Lord, as I live in the glow of your glory and greatness!