The One We Worship part two

The One We Worship part two

You are the All-present One who fills every part of the universe as well as all corners of this world at the same time. You see all that is going on and are at work to do what is best and good in defeating the plans of Satan while bringing victory and freedom for your children.

You are the Faithful One who has provided all we need. You have revealed your character to us through your creation, in your Word, by your actions and in our lives. You have given us great promises which you fulfill at the right time. You are unchanging, perfect and powerful, the Source of all stability.

You are the One who loves us richly, unceasingly, powerfully and completely. Your love is entirely independent of your creation and creatures. You do not love us because we are good; you love us because you are love itself. No matter what we do, your love keeps on flowing and working in our lives. You do not force us to believe in you, but you woo us, call us, encourage us. And when we do believe in you, even though we grieve you every day with our disobedience and unbelief, you continue to love us to the end.

You are the Personal, Relational One. You desire an intimate, continual relationship with us. You have made it possible for us to become your children and, as the Good and Gracious God, are with us every day. You teach, guide, advise, protect, lead and give. You call us to partner with you in reaching the world and making disciples. Your relationship with us is warm, caring, firm and strong. It is unceasing, endless, powerful and loving. You are the perfect Father, the faultless God who loves to spend time with us.

I worship you, O living, Triune God, for you are worthy of worship, of surrender, of obedience and praise. Help me to walk today in the light of your presence, giving you the honor you deserve through whole-hearted submission and offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving in each happening.