The Source of Joy

The Source of Joy

Psalm 28:7b “…my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy”

[To trust you, Lord Jesus, and thereby see you in your grandness, power, glory and wisdom, to understand your carefulness, consistency, cherishing and constant care in our lives—this leads us to respond with joy.

Your rich love and warm acceptance, granting us honor and security in your Kingdom—these are just what we desire, they are exactly what we were made for in having such a relationship with you!]

“and I will give thanks to him in song.”

[Deep, full, genuine trust leads to rejoicing, thanksgiving, praise with singing. You, Lord God, are the source of joy, of song, of music, of gladness, so you have planted in us this response of love to your poured out grace.]

I praise you now, Lord Jesus, my Good Shepherd, for the day before us that you have prepared, for the things you are going to do and bring, for the activities, the failures, the weakness and difficulties that will come–each an opportunity to live for you, to give you glory, to rest in you.

I praise you, Lord Jesus, for the wonder of knowing you, of living with you, of being called to join you in what you are doing, of being equipped, empowered, protected and useful to you, an effective instrument in your hand.

May you be pleased and honored today by my trust and obedience, may your name be lifted up and exalted as your Spirit works in and through me, O Lord God, King of Glory, Ruler of all, Shepherd of the weak. Amen.