The Wonder of His love

The Wonder of His love

You, Lord Jesus,  have brought us out of condemnation into a wide place, a beautiful dwelling, a lovely relationship with you. We are chosen because you loved and wanted us, we are cleansed from our guilt, transformed into a new creature, adopted into your family, made brothers and sisters to Jesus, delighted in and dearly loved.

We can now openly acknowledge to you our sinfulness, our shame, our inner struggles; we can allow you to shine the light of the Holy Spirit deeply within our souls (Ps. 51:6) and to eagerly confess what is revealed, knowing that in the security of your love, in the safety of your satisfied justice, in the warmth of your heart, there is no further condemnation, no reason to fear and hide, for you are a forgiving God.

You, Lord God, are love, you are light, you are life; you are healing; you are good and wise and right. We can revel in your words from Ephesians 1: “In Christ you are forgiven,” and “I love you with an everlasting love,”  “I choose you because it is the good pleasure of my will,” and “I am delighted to have you as my child” (paraphrased).

You are all, Lord Jesus: our Hope, our Savior, our Love, our Transformer. In you is all we desire: acceptance, worth, meaning, security, growth and a future. Glory be to you for sharing these things with us, we who deserve the exact opposite. I lift you up, rejoice in you, exalt you and bow before you in thankfulness, praise and adoration.


Prayer: “Be exalted in my life today, Lord Jesus. Help me to live a life worthy of you, freely admitting my sin, joyfully accepting your forgiveness and whole-heartedly reveling in your great love and acceptance. May you be glorified as I am satisfied in you. Amen.”

Picture: Jesus has brought us to warm and wonderful place.

May be an image of twilight, nature, tree, cloud, horizon and golf course