Things To Teach Our Children Part 5

Things To Teach Our Children Part 5

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Teach Our Children About The Glory of God

Three year old Nat was crying. “What’s wrong, son?”

“I can’t find the wagon to my tractor!”

“Really? I’m sorry to hear that. But I know someone who knows were it is.”


“God knows where it is. Let’s ask Him to help us find it.”

“OK. You pray, Daddy.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you that you are our God who knows everything. We praise you that you know where Nat’s trailer is. Please help us to find it at the right time, whether it be now, tomorrow or next week. Thank you that you will help us.”

If you lead your child in this way, you teach him about the glory of God’s character: His omnipresence, His all-seeing eyes, His loving heart, His willingness to hear and answer prayer.

When we worked this way with our own children, in the end we always found the toy, whether it was sooner or later. Then we would remind them that we’d prayed for this and that God had answered. This taught them that they could pray about everything, for God was big enough to care for them. His power, His wisdom, His knowledge, His grace, His goodness were always there and at work. They could trust Him to help in the best way as they turned to Him.

Every time Nat was frightened, from the time he could speak, he would immediately say, “Pray about this, Daddy!” He knew God was there to help. He knew we could cry out to Him.  He knew some of the glory of God.

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