You, Lord, Are All, thoughts from Psalm 18

You, Lord, Are All, thoughts from Psalm 18

Lord, you are the King of glory, the God of goodness, the Prince of peace, the Shepherd of supply, the Lord of Love, the Light of life, the Bride-groom of beauty.

You are the Creator of All, the Sovereign of Eternity, the Shield of your servants, the Stronghold of safety, the Fortress of protection, the Rock of stability, the Arm of strength, the Source of support, the Giver of grace, the Provider of power, the Widener of ways, the Protector of all who take refuge in you.

Praise you, Lord Jesus, Savior of the universe, Redeemer of all, Transformer of all who believe. You are active, powerful and on time in answering the cry of  all who submit to your leadership.  You are deeply caring, wise in working, godly in guiding, persistent in protecting. You are the only One we can trust, all others and all else are shifting sands.

Praise be to you for your lavish love, your gracious goodness, your wise work, your firm faithfulness, your cherishing in chastening, your proper punishing, your teaching through trials, your shepherding through suffering, your working through our weakness, your maturing us through miserable times.

You are marvelous, Lord Jesus, you are majestic, you are mighty, you are magnificent, you are worthy of worship and deserving of dedication. “I call to the Lord who is worthy of praise and I am saved from my enemies.” Ps. 18:3

Praise be to you, Lord God, King of glory. May you be honored in my life today through faith, obedience, kindness, patience, wisdom and grace.  Amen.