Thoughts on the Wonder of the Trinity

Thoughts on the Wonder of the Trinity

Praise be to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Triune Lord, God and King.

The fact that you are one Being with three Persons is one proof that you are truly God. No human or angel, devil or demon has ever thought up an idea like the Trinity. You are totally other than anything in your creation, being three persons in one God, having a character so complete and complex, so far above us that we cannot comprehend it.

Your being a Trinity means that you need nothing to complete yourself. You do not need your creatures for fellowship or fulfillment. Within your triune Being there is perfect love amongst you, full relationship and rich complimentation. I praise you for the marvel of your majestic unity, where there is no competition, no jealousy, no resentment, only full cooperation, joyful submission and perfect, lovely loyalty and leadership

In many situations you, Father, plan things. Then you, Lord Jesus, bring them to pass. And you, Holy Spirit bring them to completion. Salvation is the best example: the Father planned it, the Son bought it, the Spirit is bringing out the results..

I praise you that you are the One(s) who created all, rule all, and are bringing all to a conclusion. In you there is the hope of help, the goodness of your guidance, the power of your protection, the purity of your purpose and the stability of your shepherding.

I praise you that when turmoil comes, I can cling to the certainty of your almighty presence, the comfort of your unlimited help, the constancy of your goodness and the completeness of your power.

You have provided solutions for the three aspects of the curse flowing from the Fall. You have given us forgiveness and cleansing for our guilt; you have given us honor and glory for our shame; you have given us power and strength for our weakness and fear.

I praise you, Lord God, for what you are doing in and amongst us. To you be glory forever. In response to your goodness, may I live wholeheartedly for you, trusting you by rejecting complaining and grumbling through offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving. Fill me so full with your Holy Spirit that He will overflow onto all those I will meet today and thereby give you a continual flow of honor and exaltation. Amen.