Unending Good

Unending Good

The Love of the Lord endures forever.

I praise you for the great love you have for us, Lord Jesus, leading you to work so patiently, so graciously, so faithfully, so persistently, even when I tend to focus elsewhere on the trinkets and trash of earth, on selfishness and security, on busyness and business.

Your goodness persists through all, Lord, and I am so thankful that you do not give up on me, but, as I spend time in worship, you are continually bringing me into a wider place as my first love for you grows.

Spending that daily time with you is so good, so powerful, so transforming, so beautiful, like your sunshine on these yellow flowers. I praise and thank you for keeping me consistent in it, keeping my passion for you burning and my obedience flowing along.

May I ever bask in your love, exalt in your goodness, rejoice in your unending presence. To you be honor and glory forever.

May be an image of flower