Usefulness in the Hand of God

Usefulness in the Hand of God

Praise be to you, Lord God, for your wonderful wisdom working consistently in the lives of your children, bringing protection, guidance, goodness and difficulties. You know what is best, you know what is right, for you are the wise and powerful One, that entirely good One whose heart is set on bringing glory to yourself through doing what is righteous and merciful.

I praise you that in your mercy you bring positive pressure on us to see truth, to come to ourselves and surrender to you. You are the One we can trust, the One who is our refuge and strength, our joy and wisdom, our Shepherd and King.

Through challenges and adventures (suffering, tragedy and persecutions) you give us opportunity for faith-responses, for glory-giving, for grace-demonstrations, for volitional praise, for clenched teeth obedience. These provide chances to fulfill the purpose of our existence: to bring honor to you, to be reflectors of your glory, to exalt your name and your Word above all other things.

I praise you now for another day, another opportunity to live for you, to live by faith, to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving and thereby honor you while opening the way so your salvation can flow further into my future and that of those around me. (Ps. 50:23)

May you be glorified today in my thoughts, actions and words, may those around me be influenced by your Spirit overflowing from me. May grace be the fragrance of my life. For your glory may I be a strong scent of life to those around me who are looking for truth. May many more be swept into your Kingdom. Amen.