Walking in the Light

Walking in the Light

I’ve been meditating more on Psalm 89:15, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,” meaning those who are learning to recognize you in every detail, to be aware of your constant work in their lives and therefore to praise you in every circumstance. They see frequent “God sightings,” as you clearly meet their needs.

These believers, “… walk in the light of your presence….” They are aware of your faithful attendance to them, of your being with them, shining your wisdom into their lives, lighting the way.

“They rejoice in your name all day long, they exalt in your righteousness….” You are their focus, your qualities are guiding their thoughts, and therefore their actions and reactions, “for you are their glory and strength.” They are constantly looking to you for help, drawing their significance from you, aware that belonging to you is a great joy, that you are the meaning of life, the importance of existence, the greatness of their lives.

And you are their security, for you are strong and with your strength you protect them, give them power in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms.

They recognize you as the source of all, the goal of all, the God of all, the glory of all, the end of all. As they live in the light of your presence, they rest in the shadow of your power, they bask in the warmth of your love, they rejoice in the privilege of knowing you intimately, the Creator of all, the Shepherd of the weak, the King of the needy. They choose to live in the truth that knowing you is enough for joy!

Praise be to You, Lord Jesus, for being the infinite God–you know all things and therefore you can lead us through the maze of mixed, murky motives, confused emotions and tangled thoughts that tend to trip us up.

I praise you that as we come and ask for wisdom and understanding, you help us to see what is going on, shining your light of knowledge and insight into the inner workings of our lives. In this you are gracious, you are patient, you are kind, you are good, you are wonderful, you are wise, and you are firm. You are what we need, for we were made to live with you! Praise be to you forever.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, I bow before you, exalting you as the Most High, my final authority. I agree to obey you in all I know to be true. Help me to see where I am unthinkingly walking in natural ways instead of your supernatural ones. Help me to think your thoughts, speak your words, do your work. Amen”