Warrior King

Warrior King

Psalm 24:8 “Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.”


[This is you, Yahweh, the Holy One: completely other than your creation, totally complete in yourself, needing nothing, being both One and fully self-sufficient as the Trinity.


You are the Powerful One, the Warrior King, undefeatable and ever triumphant. You fight and win against every enemy–those who oppose what is good. You, Lord Jesus, came to destroy the works of the devil, freeing us from the fear he has used so effectively against us. You have also defeated death and hell, sin and evil, rebellion and shame. You have replaced all these with love and light, with life and joy, with peace and hope. You are the mighty One, triumphing in your strength, wisdom and power.


So, we give you praise, honor and exaltation, for in your might, you are also the pure and sinless One, you are the Just One, bringing proper judgment on sin; you are the Loving One, bringing forgiveness for all, especially to those who believe


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