Weakness and Power

Weakness and Power

This entry from EDIFIED! (written years ago) is very relevant to me as I face issues with the zoning board here. The advice from this has been very helpful.
“When I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10b
Facing me is a situation where others, who are at odds with me, are going to decide my future. In this I am weak–and that is good. Yes, good, but uncomfortable. Praise you, Lord, that being comfortable is not the measure of anything important, spiritual or significant. Knowing your Word, trusting you, living in praise, obeying what we know to be true, these are what is important.
We need to train our faith to respond biblically to whatever comes. As Lilias Trotter, pioneer evangelist in Algeria in the 1800s, said, “Swinging out over the abyss without anything other than you, Lord, rejoicing in this need to trust in you and your power, praising for your goodness before any solution can be seen, this is trained faith.”
Praise you, Father that you are at work in ways I cannot see or foresee. I praise you for what you are doing and what you will do in this, for you are great, you are good —you are God.
“Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him” (Ps. 34:8). I have certainly tasted and seen your goodness over and over again, Lord. You have protected me many times in near accidents; you have provided an inner stability that in my past has prevented suicide, relational crashes and personal failure.
You have also guided me through a maze of difficulties in my life: the journey through depression in my 20s, adjustments in marriage, transition to life in the Middle East, dark days of deprivation and difficulty, accidents and expulsion, team turmoil, arrests, trials and uncertainty. You not only carried us through, but strengthened, deepened and matured us while utilizing us in your Kingdom. What a privilege it is to walk with you, to join you in the great plan you are carrying out to bring history to a conclusion and take us with you.
I have tasted and seen that you are the King of kindness, you are the Lord of love, you are the Ruler of righteousness and the Sovereign of selflessness. I praise you that you are only good—a stable, unshifting, sure good. In you there is no wavering, no toying with the fate of people, no partiality, no failure to pay attention, no being late, no compulsiveness, no capriciousness, no mood swings, no lack of knowledge, no hesitation, no uncertainty, no inconsistency.
You are the God who is pure in motive, perfect in planning, persistent in values, perceptive in understanding, purposeful in love. You are flawless in execution, abundant in mercy, rich in resources, overflowing in love, generous in giving, gracious in provision, limitless in creativity, slow in anger and positive in patience. You are a marvel, you are majestic, you are trustable, you are great. To you be glory both now and forevermore.
Prayer: “Lord, I praise you now for how you are going to work things out in my present uncertainties. I give you honor without seeing the end, for you are absolutely trustable. Keep me thinking these truths, help me to respond with love and grace and goodness, to fight the real enemy with praise, prayer and persistence in obedience. Amen.”

Picture: no matter how tangled the future may appear, God will make a path through.

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