Weakness Is A Strength

Weakness Is A Strength

I praise you, Lord Jesus,  for your great Love, your persistent Faithfulness, your mighty Power, your wide Wisdom, your deep Knowledge, your pure Righteousness and your permanent Perfection. You are the One I can trust today, the One who rules every day, who rights, who redeems, who restores, who reigns in every circumstance. You are God, you are Great, you are Glorious, you are Gracious.

I praise you with all my heart, with all my being, with all my strength. I embrace what you bring, what you reveal, what you allow, whether it be what I want or not. I thank you for my failures which point me away from myself to you, breaking me of self reliance, of pride, of independence, of selfishness.

Thank you for your specific working in my life, your personal, careful, exact plan to fashion me more into the image of Christ. While I do not like such breaking, I love the outcome of seeing you more, of worshiping you by faith, of growing in trust, of seeing your great power at work.

My failure to sell the book widely stands out as a clear example of this. I have tried a lot of things, none of which has done much. There has been no tipping point, no beginning of an avalance of sales.  Thank you for my weakness here.

A second example is my failure to bring about a solution to the team conflict on the team is a bigger event, with more obvious negative consequences.  It has certainly been a warning for me to not rely on myself or on the gifting you have given, but rather to rely on you.

My failures have been beneficial by revealing my self-centered desires for success and praise, my pride and my selfish ambition. You have certainly used failure  make me change and grow though it all, and I pray that the others can also.  To you be glory in it, Lord. I see right now that it is a blotch on your name, but you can turn it to the positive as you desire.

Thank you for helping me to recognize my weakness, my smallness, and to see more clearly your greatness and power. It is such a wonderful thing to be your child, to be your servant, to join you in what you are doing. Help me, help all of us  to grow in humility and discernment so that we may see you more clearly.