What a Savior!

What a Savior!

You, Lord Jesus, are the King of glory,

the God of goodness,

the Prince of peace,

the Shepherd of supply,

the Lord of Love,

the Light of life

and the Bride-groom of beauty–the beauty reflected in the flowers in the picture below.

You are the Creator of All,

the Sovereign of Eternity,

the Shield of your sheep,

the Stronghold of safety,

the Fortress of faith,

the Rock of reliability,

the Arm of our armor,

the Source of support,

the Giver of grace,

the Provider of power,

the Widener of ways

and the Protector of your people who take refuge in you.

There is no one like you, you are far above all creation. Help us to remember this when confronted with difficulty, disappointment and discouragement. To take refuge in you. Turn our thoughts to you, the source of joy, the giver of help, the protector of our souls—and may we offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving to honor you and open the way so you can show us your salvation of the moment. May we never forget.

May be an image of flower