Wise Foresight and Provision

Wise Foresight and Provision

Psalm 33:7 “He gathers the waters of the sea into jars;”

[The vast oceans are but a small drop to you, Lord, easily channeled into the place prepared, kept there in store for your plans and the good of all. With it you regulate the climate, provide food, transportation for ships and beauty.]

“he puts the deep into storehouses.”

[You, Lord God, prepared all that mankind would need for life and stored it up:

–minerals for health (zinc, magnesium, selenium),

–metals for help (iron, titanium, aluminum),

–means for heat and power  (coal, oil, atomic energy) and

— measures for money (gold, silver, precious stones).

–multiple harvests for food.

You knew what would be needed and gave it all, putting it where men could find it. You are the great, good and wise Planner and Provider.]

Praise you that you  know the future, you know our needs and you know how to provide them. Help us to trust you in your greatness, goodness and power.

May be an image of apple, pinecone and corn