Worship is Needed

Worship is Needed

Praise you, Lord Jesus, that you are the Sovereign King, the One who will work things out, who will bring good things to pass in the best way, no matter what we do.

Help us to play the part you desire, joining you in what you are doing. Today I face two difficult situations; in each a person is bound and determined to do what is wrong and I cannot change them. But I can surrender the outcomes and my desires to you and trust you to do what is best. Help me to not fret, worry or be angry, as those only lead to sin. Praise you, Lord, for what you will do, for how we can trust you.

Praise you, too, Lord Jesus, for reminding me last night that you must be the One I delight in. It was good that you drew me away from work so I could be quiet and hear your reminder. I was in danger of veering off into delighting in projects.

No, as you reminded me, my passion, my first love, my delight must be in you, Lord Jesus, the Creator of all, the Owner of all, the Ender of all. You are the One and Only to be exalted.

Worship is very much is wrapped up in delighting in you, intentionally nurturing our first love for you.  So I delight in you now, remembering that your love is perfect in wisdom and complete in knowledge. In love you are magnificent in power, creating galaxies just by speaking. You are majestic in your grace, forgiving where justice demands punishment. You are mighty in your goodness, pouring it out on both the righteous and the rebel.

In you there is no evil, no sin, no wrong, no error. You are the kind King of Goodness, the righteous Hater of Evil, the just Judge of wrong, the gracious Forgiver of sinners.

Praise you for your loving care, shepherding your rebellious children, displaying great patience in the face of our disrespect, unbelief, disobedience and selfishness.

You, Lord, are worthy of worship. I praise you for the joy you give as I think on how you have worked in my life: personal, powerful, persistent, patient intervention to bring me to my senses and to surrender.

What a wonder you are, Lord Jesus, in your willingness to suffer the anguish of the cross, the despair of abandonment, the pain of rejection, the battering of Satan’s attacks, the horror of becoming sin, the crushing weight of the Father’s judgment, the banishment to death.

There was no need for you, the Righteous One, to suffer these things, but love led the way, faithfulness stayed the course. Praise you for this great display of your rich, loving, gracious Character, O heavenly God!

I love you, I rejoice in your all-sufficient grace, I praise you for your all-encompassing goodness. You are worthy of all-absorbing worship, so I bow down now and give you honor in my thoughts, desires and words. To you be all glory today in my life. May you be the One I delight in.