From my worship journal, written several years ago

From my worship journal, written several years ago

After pretty good night’s rest, I woke up at 8:15! Guess I needed the sleep. But my initial reaction was unhappiness because I don’t like to get up late. I don’t like to have my worship, quiet time and prayer later in the day.


But I praise you, Lord, that your Spirit right away brought to my mind that fact that I can let go of my desires and preferences, hold on to the truth that you have my day in hand, and rise above my unhappiness, eagerly letting you guide, rejoicing in a different kind of day.


And this I did, and am walking now in the freedom and the light of your goodness and presence. Thank you, Lord Jesus, my good Shepherd, that you are leading me well and that I can trust you to carry me in the right direction. Praise be to you.


“The Lord is my light and my salvation,” so of whom or what should I be afraid? Certainly not of change, or having my plans disrupted or of being disappointed. No, In you I can rest. Thank you for the great freedom you have brought us, Lord Jesus. Help us to walk in it daily by surrender, praise and obedience to what we know to be true, and thereby continually bring you honor.

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