Wow, what a God!

Wow, what a God!

I awoke with somewhat negative feelings this morning, perhaps from thinking too much about my books and or on the problems I’m having with my workers. But my feelings are not the measure of reality. Your the measure. So instead focusing on these very temporary matters, I want to be thinking on you, Lord Jesus, to be rejoicing in you and who you are throughout the day.

And who are you? You are the eternal One, always there; the Righteous One, always doing what is best; the Holy One, always working from right motives; the Mighty One, towering over every creature; the Glorious, doing mighty and magnificent works; and the Beautiful One, infusing your creation with your stunning beauty.

You only deserve our love, our devotion, our worship, our obedience, our fervor, our focus.

I praise you that you consistently work to lift our eyes from the temporary to the Timeless, from the minuscule to the Majestic, from the created to the Creator.

You are the One to be worshiped and I repent of thinking so much about sales and success., the lies and laziness around me.

Guide me in being balanced in a biblical way, in approaching all work in partnership with you, doing all Ain your time, in your wisdom, in your power. I thank you for all you will do in response to my prayers.

Again I praise you, for you are my Lord, standing against the enemy as my Refuge, my Fortress, my Stronghold, my Shield, my Protector. In addition, you are my Provider, my Shepherd, my Guide., leading me on the path you have prepared. And you are my King and my God., my final authority

To you be glory in this day. Help me to be a glory giver at each step, at each juncture, offering praise for the pleasant and the sacrifice of thanksgiving in every problem, difficulty and disappointment, thereby honoring you.

You are the One whom I am to follow, to gaze upon, to focus on, to worship, to love. Help me to do that so that you may receive continual exaltation before humans and angels.

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