The Gift of Partnership

The Gift of Partnership


“I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven.” Psalm 123:1a

Praise you, my Heavenly Father, that you are the sovereign One, reigning over the events of our lives, and at the same time, giving us great latitude in making decisions. Praise you that you can weave all this together to bring out the results you desire.

I think of Jonah, who, as he ran away from you in his disobedience, was able to tell the sailors on his sinking ship about you, the great Creator God. Then you demonstrated your power to them by calming the storm when they threw Jonah overboard, which resulted in the sailors worshiping you. You can take our sin and use it for good. Amazing!

Praise you for your love in wanting to work with us, inviting us to partnership with you.  You call us to find joy foundationally in our relationship with you, for you are truly our heavenly Father, not just our owner.

“Save me, for I am yours…” (Ps. 119:94a). What a wonderful basis for appeal: since I belong to you, since I am your child, since I am your ambassador, since I am you servant, since I am yours, save me! And you will!

What certainty, what confidence we have in coming into your presence, O Lord God, King of the universe. The wonder is that you delight in our coming, you invite us to prayer, you call us to praise, you command us to intercede. We can please your heart when we cry out to you in prayer.

Praise you that you are the all-knowing One. You know the deep longings of our hearts, our dreams and desires. You understand our motives, you know how things will work out in the future as a result of our decisions, words and actions. You guide and protect, and you let us go the way of rebellion if we insist. As you said to the people of Israel, “So you think having a king is best? Try Saul for a few years!”

Help us, Lord God, to follow you wholeheartedly, to join you in your great work today, offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving, praying through our day, obeying what we know to be true. May you be honored, pleased and exalted by our demonstrated love for You.

–from the devotional book, EDIFIED