No Need to be Shaken Psalm 62:2

No Need to be Shaken Psalm 62:2

Meditation on Ps 62:2 “You only are my rock, my salvation and my high tower.  I will never be shaken.”

Praise be to you, my Lord and King, Captain and Navigator, Teacher and Leader.  You only are my mighty Rock: solid, unshakable, stable, sure, consistent, trustable and eternal.  With you there is certainty, there is hope, there is the possibility of joy in a world of increasing turmoil.  There is no certainty anywhere else but in you.

You only are my salvation, you have redeemed my soul from hell, rescued me from the domain of darkness and translated me into the Kingdom of Light.  You have taken my rebel heart, full of evil, destruction and selfishness, and transformed me into a new creation. You have taken me as your enemy and adopted me into your family so that I am now your beloved son.  You have annulled my just sentence of eternal separation from you in suffering, punishment, failure and death.  You have given me the gift of eternal life, and of an ever-increasing joy here on earth, of a continual upward path of growth, insight, wisdom and transformation.  You are a marvel!

In addition to all this, you are my salvation every day, protecting me from the attacks of the enemy (you both hold back the tide of evil and you give me the armor, grace and training to use it to deal with what challenges you, in your wisdom, allow through).  You also save me from my own evil desires (alerting me to my wrong responses, giving grace to reject them and respond as you want), and from the negative possibilities of life (how often you have spared me from car accidents, especially when changing lanes on the turnpike).  Truly you are my Salvation in every sphere of life, and in every incident in life!

You are my high tower, my sanctuary—like a giant at my side, you lift me up, set me on your shoulder and make me safe. You are my refuge but not like a stone tower, rather like a great friend, a loving Lord.  You give me perspective, you elevate my thoughts and understanding, you enable me to see further in the distance.  With you there is the ability to grasp more of what you are doing, to trust you more, to defeat the fears and worries that flow out of my heart.  With you there is intimate relationship, deep exchange, personally tailored input.  In you I am safe from all that could harm me, while you let through all that will make me grow, give a platform upon which I can demonstrate your grace to those around me, and allow me to give you more and more glory—which is the whole purpose of life.

With you alone there is such stability, certainty, power, protection and grace that whatever you allow, I can remain unshaken, certain that you will work through it, carry me with you and come out the other side in a way that will bring glory to you, growth to me and good to those around me.  Praise be to you today, Lord Jesus, King and Shepherd, Lord and Servant Leader, the great resolver of paradoxes, the preparer of each step in life, the guide who goes before. You are worthy of worship, of exaltation, of complete obedience.  To you be glory forever and ever.  Amen!