Thoughts on Col. 3:12a

Thoughts on Col. 3:12a

Col 3:12a, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved….”

Praise you, Lord, for the surety that I am with you, chosen to be your child. Praise you for the stability of your love and forgiveness, the certainty of the significance and security you give me every day and for all eternity.  Being created in your image, being redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, being chosen before the foundation of the world, being called, cleansed, transformed and claimed as your child, being made holy, being commissioned and equipped for special service, being dearly loved, deeply cared for, doted on and delighted in—these Truths—all of which flow from your pure and perfect character–are the reasons I can rest in you.

You have done so much to bring your rebellious creatures into your family; it has cost you so much, there is no way that you would retreat from this expensive purchase you’ve made! Plus you have given your word: in over 2,000 years of moving men to record your thoughts in the Bible, you have predicted and promised, you have predestined and provided all that what you proposed to do.  In you we can trust–but we cannot trust ourselves, we must learn to rely on your Truth, not our perception, perspective or feelings.

I praise you, Lord God, my Shepherd and King, my Lord and Owner, my God and Authority, that you are solid, stable, unchanging, trustworthy and good—loving, wise, powerful, just, righteous, firm and gracious.  You are the only source of Truth, of Light, of Love.  All else is temporary, fickle, shifting and empty.  Without you there is no meaning, no purpose, no hope, no direction, no light.

Praise be to you that you are real, powerful, present and presiding.  Praise be to you that today you call me, and each believer, to live with you, by you and for you. You have gone through this day and prepared all things, given us significant work to do and supplied all the grace we need to do it.

You are worthy of worship, of praise, glory and honor.  I bow before you and give these to you, Lord. I bow before you in surrender, I rise up to obey, to be a glory-giver, to live a life worthy of you.  May you be exalted in my life today, my Savior and King, Lord Jesus.