“My salvation and my honor depend on God…” (Ps. 62:7)
Praise you, Lord Jesus, that all we need flows from you, and that you are truly, totally trustable. 
When we deserve condemnation, you give us pardon.
When we deserve punishment, you give us salvation.  
When we deserve shame, you give us honor.
When we deserve failure, you give us grace.
What a God! What a Savior! What a Lord!
You are, “my mighty rock, my refuge” (Ps. 62:7) In the midst of the polluted swamp of this world, filled with the quicksand of selfishness, the bottomless mud of manipulation and the shifting sands of sin, you are my Rock, my Mighty Rock and Fortress: unshakable, unsinkable, unmovable, unchangeable.
And you are my Refuge, a place of protection, provision, personal safety, powerful help. You are the One to be trusted, and command us to do so: “Trust in him at all times, O people;”
When things go well, we must trust in you, rejecting the illusion that our success is from our hard work, our intelligence, our training, our resources—it is because you are blessing us. And when things go badly according to our understanding, we must trust in you knowing that you are blessing us. We know that you are good, wise and powerful, that what you are allowing is part of the overall plan to bring an end to evil, as well as part of your personal plan to bring maturity to me and glory to you.
“…pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” (Ps 62:8). What a privilege and wonderful invitation, to pour out our inner being to you, telling you all we are thinking, feeling and wanting, our hurts, our dreams, our frustrations.
You, of course, already know these things, but for us to come and tell you is an act of worship, trusting you, being transparent before you, treating you as the true God, with the honesty and obedience that you deserve. And thank you for your Word by which we can measure what is in our hearts, rejecting what is of self, what is neutral and then affirming what is good.
 Praise be to you, Lord Jesus, the gracious, good and great God, full of mercy, complete in holiness and overflowing in grace. You are worthy today of trust, of obedience, of praise, of honor, of surrender.
Prayer: “May you, Lord, be glorified in my thoughts, motives, desires, words and actions today as seen in my trust, praise and obedience. Amen.”
May be an image of lake, tree, twilight, sky and nature