You, Lord Jesus, are the God of Wisdom, the King of Knowledge, the Lord of Understanding, the Ruler of Insight, able to see into the next million years and know all that will come to pass. In all this You have a plan and will bring it to pass.

I praise you that with your complete and rich knowledge you make all the decisions concerning what will come today: what opportunities you will provide for glory-giving in obedience, what challenges, problems, pains and persecutions you will allow for our good, what successes, achievements and victories you will bring in our lives for your glory.

You are trustable, you are worthy of praise in it all, for you are the God of Glory, of Goodness and of Grace. You are always holy, holy, holy, the Three-in-One, Author of all.

I praise you now for all that will come today and for what you will do in your plan for me. To you be honor and glory in my life at each juncture. Amen.

May be an image of fog, grass and twilight