Plans of Perfection

Plans of Perfection

 Praise you, O God, my Three-in-One Lord: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Within your Trinity is a great demonstration of unity and diversity, of submission in equality, of humility in cooperation, of perfection beyond comprehension. I praise you that in you there is no lack, that you are totally self-sufficient, that there is nothing in all of creation that is necessary to you.

You are the One who exists outside of time, outside of space, outside of all other relationships, outside of need. All that you give, all that you do flows from a self-sufficient heart of love, for the good of others, out of perfect motives and pure desires.

Praise you for your engaged, committed, consistent, unwavering and intimate love for your twisted creatures and creation, demonstrated clearly in not destroying all evil immediately after the fall. Despite your great grief at this terrible failure of mankind, you press on with the creation story because you have higher and deeper, longer and wider purposes than your and our own comfort and ease.

Help us to join you today in your plan for us, for the world, for history, for eternity.

May be an image of flower