From discontent to joy

From discontent to joy




The Lord had a message for me today, “Do you really believe what you’ve written about recently. You know, having an attitude of gratitude?”

Today was one challenging day.

Yesterday, after uploading my new book, Canterbury CT Characters of the 21st Century, Volume 2, Amazon messaged me that the pagination needed to be fixed. So I spent several hours trying to so that, to no avail. Looked at google info, YouTube tutorials, asked a professional and still came up empty. I’m trying to get these books here in the local store for Christmas shoppers, but one delay after .

So, this morning I plunged in again; still nothing. Then we were trying to set up our new Medicare supplement with multiple forms on line, which didn’t work, do again on phone, still no good.

Recently I changed our internet provider, lured by big promises—none of which turned out to be true; have tried several times to get this straightened out, but no good conclusion. Must work on it more, a time consuming task.

Long call from my cardiologist with instructions of prep for a procedure next week.

And I was unable to get into my business bank account online and credit card account, so went to the bank for help. As I arrived, I noticed that my battery light in my car was on and my power steering was gone. I knew  instantly what that meant: my serpentine belt was off. Into the bank for 20 minutes of tutorial, still no access to my credit card.

Limped home without full power in the car. Talked with my mechanic friend, he can’t help me until tomorrow. In the meantime we have no transportation.

Tried more on pagination. No results. Went to cook lunch and found the meat had gone bad; plan B frozen dinner.   After dinner called my pastor who had just finished his thesis to see if he could help me. He offered to come over and in 20 minutes solved my problem.

Uploaded the manuscript to Amazon, had to make some corrections and upload it 3 more times. Now we will see if they accept it.

A renter called with several things to be fixed. I had nothing to drive over with my tools, so gathered up a few and walked over in the freezing cold. Was able to fix them all.

Home to look at the solar panels agreements we’ve been working on. Page after page of legalese. Finally finished it, still have doubts about this being the right thing to do.

Back to working on the book, making some adjustments, uploading to my other publisher—5 times before getting it right.

And, all this time I’ve not been feeling well, having an infection being treated with antibiotics, but results are slow in coming.

But, in each happening the Spirit said to me,” Think of all the things you have to be thankful for; remember to live in gratitude, not complaining and dissatisfation.” So I chose to give thanks for each obstacle, hinderance, failure and discomfort.

It made an amazing difference, like walking  out of a dark room into the light, allowing me to shed the discontent, complaining and unhappiness that are so natural to me. And instead choose to live the truth that “Knowing Jesus is enough for joy!” Truly, when we know and live in the truth, it sets us free!

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