Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Got caught up in finishing the setup of my next book, Canterbury CT Characters of the 21st Century, Volume 2.
When I brought the first of the new supply to our local grocery store for selling, the manager was happy to see them. “The old ones have been selling well; hopefully these will, too.” He said they’ve already had people asking for multiple copies.
The book has 51 short biographies with about 12 of them being believers who share their testimonies.
I would appreciate prayer for the book to sell well, and for readers to be inspired and encouraged by the lives of those included.
There are extraordinary people, like two international champions and three who are national champions. There are two artists, business people, community leaders, decorated war veteran’s and inventors. Each is an example of hard work and perseverance.
The book is up on Amazon; you can find it by searching for s.m. Wibberley (you must use the periods!)
I am thankful to have finished this project and look forward to feedback. But whatever happens I will keep an attitude of gratitude, giving thanks for all the Lord has done and will do.
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Volume 2 Canterbury Connecticut CHARACTERS of the 21stC 21stCtur Stephen Wibberley'