God’s will for us

God’s will for us

Very often we seek God’s will in certain matters, but more often we forget God’s will for all matters: Praise. “…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1Thes. 5:18).

Praise is commanded or demonstrated over 250 times in Scripture—that alone is a powerful indication of its importance in our lives. And in Revelation it is indicated that praise will be our primary occupation in the life to come.

Do you know why we can praise God in and for all things? It is because of His Character. He is light itself; He is clothed in light, shining in glory, resplendent in honor, great in truth and beautiful in holiness. In the light of His wisdom He sees all, understands all, does all that is best in the long run. The Son shines ultimate goodness into our lives. Praise itself directs our attention to the powerfully beautiful Character of our Lord Jesus Christ and releases into our lives a fragrance that will attract others to Him.


Prayer: “Lord, such praise is so unnatural for me. Help me to gaze upon your Character everyday so I will respond to the events in my life with praise rather than complaining. May I thus give you a continual stream of glory before all those around me and shine your light upon them. Amen.”

May be an image of flower, grass and nature