A God to Delight in

A God to Delight in

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

To delight in you, Lord, in one sense is so easy, for in every aspect you are wonderful beyond conception. You made all, you know all, you hold all together. You know the makeup of every atom, the information in every DNA molecule, the workings of every synapse in the brain, the condition of every artery, the reproduction of every cell—nothing escapes your attention and knowledge.

You have control of all events, balancing perfectly the genuinely responsible choices of billions of people with the specific plans you have for each individual, each moment, each generation, each epoch—and at the right time you will bring about the end of history, of time and of evil. You are perfect in your wisdom, perfect in your love, perfect in your justice, perfect in your mercy, perfect in your timing.

You are the God of grace, the Dispenser of justice, the King of righteousness and mercy, of truth and love, Heaven and Hell, light and mystery, purity and punishment, forgiveness and vengeance—each in its time and place.

You are in every way the delightful God: there is no repugnant, ugly, unjust, impure, evil or wrong aspect to your nature, your character, your thoughts or your actions. All of you is good, all is pure, loving, just, positive, gracious, righteous, wise and perfect.

You are all that our hearts ever desired, you are beyond what we could conceive, you are the fulfillment of every positive dream, you are “too good to be true” and yet are not only true but Truth itself.

We praise you for the wonder of your persons, the joy of being your child and the privilege of walking with you every day. You have made us to be with you, to find in you alone our meaning, fulfillment, joy, peace, grace, help, direction, safety, wisdom and goodness.

Forgive me, Lord, for seeking these things elsewhere, wanting them now, in my way, for my reasons.  Forgive me for making these my idols, the things I demand to be happy. Help me instead to turn my eyes to you, to lift up my thoughts and feelings, desires and fears to you so in the light of your presence Truth may trump, Reality may reign and my heart may be wholly united in living for you alone. Put your desires in my heart. Then I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart and glorify your name forever more. For you have redeemed my soul from the pit, from the grave, from the lowest hell (Ps. 86:12,13).

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