A New Day with My Old and Wonderful God

A New Day with My Old and Wonderful God

Praise you, Lord, for a new day, fresh from your hand, filled with good things you have prepared for us.

I praise you today for your character: good and gracious, powerful and pristine, lovely and lavish, great and glorious, magnificent and majestic, wise and wonderful, creative and consistent, beautiful and bountiful.

You are fully faithful to your values: consistent in goodness, powerful in righteousness, magnanimous in mercy and persistent in perfection.

In you there is order, safety, guidance, protection, provision, power, and goodness. You are unyielding and unswerving in your universal love, wise and wonderful in your affection for variety, patient and persistent in your plans, powerful and purposeful in all you do.

You are wonderful beyond conception, too good to be true, able to do more than we could ask or imagine. You are motivated by righteousness and wrath against sin, moved by love and mercy for your creation, guided by Truth and grace in all you do.

Therefore you are 150% trustable: in you there is no evil, no wrong, no sin or error. You are always righteously and warmly right. You are firmly and graciously correct. You are insistently and wisely impartial. You are infinitely and consistently loving.

Before you we must bow in godly fear, in joy, in gladness and in worship. To you we must offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving in and for all things. With you we can rise up and enter the day with quiet confidence in your presence, your power and your provision. For you we can do the works of righteousness you have prepared.

May we do each of these, loving you, honoring you, joining you in your great plan to bring healing, transformation and joy to your creation. Amen.