From Gray to Grace

From Gray to Grace

Today I am in a state emotional grayness, a vague discontent because I failed to meet my perfectionistic standards yesterday instead of resting in you. I thank you, Lord,  for this lack of positive feelings, for it is a chance to live by faith.  I can confess my impatience and anger, forgive myself and relax in the certainty of your forgiveness.

I praise you for the privilege of thinking the truth and finding rest in you, not in my feelings. You have allowed this grayness and its causes in your goodness and grace, power and wisdom, knowledge and understanding , so I can offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving and embrace it, knowing you will use it for good. Praise you now, for how you will work things out.

To be the child of God!!! What a wonder when I see I deserve the opposite. It is such a privilege to live in your love, Lord, to rest in your goodness, to remember how much you think of me–always in positive terms–to know that I am secure in your forgiveness, your acceptance, your love; this is wonderful beyond words.

I praise you for your grace and kindness, your absolute faithfulness to your character, your unchangeable perfection. You never give a wrong response: you are never grumpy or impatient, impetuous or short-tempered. You are always gracious, kind, firm and righteous.

In you we can trust always: to you we can submit without fear, with you we can go into the day in confidence and praise. You are Yahweh, the personal God who hates sin and lives the sinner, who punishes sin while providing a shelter from your wrath for all who will enter. You are worthy of worship and praise, honor and obedience. May you be glorified in my life today as I walk in the protection of faith, trusting you in all.