The Beauty of the Morning

The Beauty of the Morning

The fog is rising off the pond this morning as cool air strokes the warmer water, sending tendrils of mist into the clear sky.

The sun rises over the horizon, flooding the scene with brightness, highlighting the new green of emerging grass and the red splash of tree buds in the forest.. The birds are busy feeding on the porch and the flowers are sharing their beauty with the morning. More reminders of your loveliness, Lord.

You delight in sharing with us your love of beauty. You could have made everything black and white, you could have made everything to smell bad, but instead you made the earth a riot of color, flowers a source of incense, animals in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors and modes of motion. Your creativity, your beauty, your sense of humor are all seen in the world around us.

And so you are active in our lives, with beauty and grace, with the fragrance of your presence, in a vast variety of events you bring through many ways of working.

In you we can trust, with you we can partner, in you we can rest. Praise be to you for the graceful power, the lovely working, the beautiful creativity and the marvelous guidance you pour into our lives every day.

May we live in the light of your loveliness, being aware of how you change the common into the beautiful, the difficult in blessings and the unpleasant into growth. May you be honored in our hearts today for who you are.