Beautiful and Good

Beautiful and Good

This morning for my quiet time I sat on the dock in front of our little house in Connecticut. The sun was rising over the forest to the east, warming the cool, damp air and sparkling on the heavy dew left from the embrace of the night. The morning breeze ruffled the waters, making intricate patterns from the reflections of trees along the edge. Stretching beyond the pond on my left, grasses of various shades nodded in the morning breeze. On my right, trees crowded down to the pond’s edge, some dipping their leaves into the water, each tree with its own shade of green, and different texture of leaf. At my elbow, tall grasses, headed out in rich grain, nodded in elegance.

At the far end of the pond a pair of Canada geese kept a wary eye on me, ever protective of their four offspring. Nearer to me a muskrat swam across the pond carrying a load of freshly harvested grasses like a flag over his shoulder, his journey sending a “V” of ripples across the pond. A redwing blackbird perched among the cattails and chided me.

Closer to the dock, I looked down into the amazingly clear water and watched some fish swimming slowly in circles, their fins lazily sweeping from side to side. At times one would rush at another, chasing it away, then would rise to the surface and nip at something floating there, hoping that it was edible. Out of the deeper parts came larger fish, long and supple, swishing their powerful tails, moving through the water with a purpose. Along with them came a bass, swimming more sedately; suddenly he yawned, stretching his whole body–maybe he had just gotten up!

I had been reading in Psalm 104 the description of the wonders of the world God created. It concludes with the prayer, “May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works….”

To sit and look at what God has created, to be reminded of how much He loves beauty and wants to share it with us is inspiring, refreshing, restorative. This is just a tiny glimpse of the splendors God has in store for us, first in our relationship with Him, then in Heaven beside Him. The question is, are we taking time to contemplate on who He is, to see His character reflected in His creation and in His Word? I need to do that more. Soaking in these different aspects of truth brings transformation of soul and a deeper love for Him. What are we doing with our time?


Prayer: “Lord, you are beautiful and you love beauty. Help me to consistently gaze upon your loveliness as displayed in your Word and world, to bring glory to you as I praise you for how I see you reflected in what you have created. May this beauty flow in, through and out of me to those I will meet today. Amen.”


May be an image of lake, horizon, grass, twilight and fog