Some more thoughts on this season.

Christmas is a time of new beginnings.

It was the beginning of the next step in the great plan of redemption, foretold for thousands of years.

It was the beginning of John the Baptist

It was the beginning of Joseph and Mary’s life together.

It was the beginning Jesus’ life on earth as a human being.

It was the beginning  of the new dimension of Jesus ‘submission to the Father.

It was the beginning  of a new  little family.

It was the beginning of a new stage of spiritual warfare on earth

It was the beginning of attempts to eliminate the Messiah, starting with Herod..

It was the beginning of The announcements of the Savior,

To Mary by Elisabeth

to all around by Zachariah in his prophecy at the birth of John .

to the shepherds by the angels,

to the Magi by the star

to Mary and Joseph by Simeon and Anna in the temple.

It was the beginning of Jesus fulfilling hundreds of prophesies about him, the early ones being:

Born of a virgin

Born in Bethlehem

Coming out of Egypt

Growing up  in Nazareth

It was the beginning of the Light coming into the world that was to shine on every person.

It was the beginning of healing, grace, love and life Jesus brought for many.

And these beginnings all started an avalanche of other events that continue to today:

The coming of the Holy Spirit

The age of the church

The writing of the New Testament

God rescuing us from the dominion of darkness.

Millions being swept in to the Kingdom of God

And the hope of spending eternity in Heaven with Jesus.

Yes, Christmas was the beginning and we are privileged to be living out the continuation.

A good truth to celebrate at this time of the year.

May be an illustration of 2 people