Christmas was not only a time of new beginnings, Christmas changed everything!

Christmas meant that God no longer dwelt only in the temple, He dwelt with man as Immanuel.

Christmas meant that God no longer only spoke through men, He now spoke directly to us.

Christmas meant that God’s relationship with us was no longer based on the law, but on love.

Christmas meant that He no longer related to us through priests, but became our priest himself.

Christmas meant that the Spirit was no longer just for special people, but for all those who believed.

Christmas brought the work of the Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment.

Christmas moved us from keeping the law to living in God’s love.

Christmas crystalized the truth that salvation comes by faith, no more sacrifices in the temple.

Christmas was the start of a great outpouring of grace.

Christmas meant that the Light of Life now would shine on every person.

Christmas was the beginning of the church.

Christmas brought the corner stone of the church into the world
Christmas made it possible for the true temple to be made of living stones rather than rocks.

Christmas opened the way for unifying Jew and gentile

Yes, Christmas changed everything and we get to live every day in those differences. Christmas should fill us with gratitude for the goodness of God!

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