Chosen, Owned, Adopted

Chosen, Owned, Adopted

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More thoughts on Psalm 62.

Psalm 62:6 “[The Lord] alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

[This is an exact copy of verse 2, a repetition of the truth of where real security is found. Repetition indicates its importance. As I face each new day, If I seek refuge in the Lord, I will not be shaken, no matter how traumatic the events that come to me may be.]

Psalm 62:7 “My salvation and my honor depend on God;”

[We so naturally seek our salvation in the everyday events in our own efforts, and seek our honor from the opinions of others. However, both our salvation and our honor actually depend fully on God, not on us or others.

He has provided salvation both for eternity and for every day; we know where we are going, and we know He is with us in the nitty-gritty events of life, protecting, guiding and providing.

He is the One who has already given us great honor—
–choosing us before the foundation of the world,
–adopting us into His family,
–making us children of the Creator of the Universe,
–granting us membership in the Kingdom of light,
–giving us each a special part in His plan.

What else could we desire? Yet we stubbornly tend to seek our salvation and honor elsewhere. Forgive us, Lord, help us to seek salvation and honor only from you.]

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