Psalm 62:7,8 God is our Refuge

Psalm 62:7,8 God is our Refuge

Psalm 62:7b “…he is my mighty rock, my refuge.”

[The unshakable, unassailable, unconquerable God is the One we can trust in, rest in. When all else seems to fall apart, He is there, steady and stable, reliable and good, wise and sure.]

Psalm 62:8 “Trust in him at all times, O people;”

[There is that command again: “Trust!” When we trust, we can rest. And this is possible all the time because God is always there in His goodness and grace. You, Lord, are sufficient, you are faithful, you are absolutely trustable.]

“pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”

[Lord, it is right, good and necessary to lay out before you all our fears, desires, feelings and thoughts. With our heart thus emptied of these, with the Spirit’s help we can fill it with Truth and Trust. Then we are safe in your refuge. You will never reject us for being honest with you—in fact, you already know all about us–and you are delighted when we are open, transparent and truthful with you. You desire to be our refuge, you call us to yourself, and in you we are safe.]

Help us, Lord God, to trust in you more and more, to find our rest, our refuge, our salvation, our honor, our safety and our joy in you. You are worthy of trust, you are worthy of praise, you are worthy of worship. May my life give you honor and glory today as I trust in you alone, demonstrated by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving in all.

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