Complete in Christ

Complete in Christ

Thank you, Lord, for how things are developing, although in a number of uncomfortable situations I cannot yet see what you are doing. I praise you for your active work in our lives.

I surrender to you my desire to be getting more done when it is just not possible now, and praise you for how you are watching over us in great and powerful ways. Thank you for what we don’t get done, for that which we must wait upon. I give you praise for your wisdom, for your power, for your participation in our lives, both the details and the bigger picture.

You, Lord, are a wonderful and wise Shepherd, knowing when to move on, when to keep us in the present pasture. I praise you for your Word, your prophetic, powerful, pro-active, penetrating, pro-creative Word, bringing revelation, repentance, rejuvenation, rebirth and release from Satan, sin and self. I praise you, Lord Jesus that in you I am complete, that you are enough, the total sum of my needs, wants and longings.  I was made to be one with you, to fit into the perfect relationship where you employ, empower, empathize and eternalize all who come to you.

I praise you for your great patience, waiting, wooing and winning many for your Kingdom, while allowing the headstrong, unbelieving to reject your offer, bringing shame, pain, suffering and sadness to your heart.  Praise be to you that you give every person many chances to believe, that your Spirit works with each one, that you bring enough light for them to pursue, and will give them more if they do.

I praise you for your compassion set free by your giving justice its due on the cross. I praise you for your love setting fire to our hearts when we begin to grasp our own depravity and your great, costly forgiveness. I praise you for your graciousness in setting before us all we need to live a godly life for you.

Praise you for being you, the Powerful Creator, the Faithful Savior, the Wise Shepherd, the Righteous Judge, the Lover of sinners, the Redeemer of all, the Ender of Time and the Lord of eternity.  To you belongs glory, honor, power and praise.

I bow before you this morning, confessing my total unworthiness to be your son, rejoicing that in spite of this you have qualified me to be a partaker in the inheritance of the saints. I rise up to obey you today in all I know to be true.  May this lift your name on high today, bring you much glory and proclaim your greatness to all around.