Psalm 34:22

Psalm 34:22

Psa 34:22  “The LORD redeems his servants;”

[In you, Lord Jesus,  we, your servants, are bought back from the shackles of sin, we are redeemed from slavery to self and Satan. I praise you for your faithfulness in following through on your promises, Father, to provide a Savior and salvation for all. I praise you for holding open the gate to every human being, continually offering eternal life to all who wanted to come. It is interesting to note that it says “redeems” as an ongoing, consistent action. You, Lord, are continually redeeming, saving us from the evil, trouble and fears which tumble unbidden into our lives. You are the faithful One whom we can trust.]

“no one will be condemned who takes refuge in him.”

[You, Lord Jesus, are the true and mighty Rock of refuge, the Place of protection and pardon, the Fortress of forgiveness. Praise be to you for your great Love, your mighty Power, you great Grace and your persistent Goodness as you seek to bring all into your Kingdom, even though you know all will not come.

Your unending Love is so Great, so Mighty, so Eternal, so All-embracing–in spite of what we are. You are worthy of our love and adoration, our fear and obedience, our worship and exaltation.

Lord, today may you be glorified in my life because you are worthy. May you be lifted high in my being, exalted in my words, praise in my thoughts, honored in my actions and please with my motives. To you belongs honor; may it flow to you today. Amen.