Does God Hear?

Does God Hear?

Some thoughts from Ray Comfort on prayer

I often hear people say they feel like God isn’t listening to their prayers. The reality is He may not be listening! There are certain conditions when we pray. God is omniscient, so of course He hears everything. But scripture says sometimes He doesn’t take notice.

If we have an iniquity in our hearts He will not take notice. Sin separates Him from listening to us. If we think God isn’t hearing our prayers, first we need to look at our lives and see where we are disobeying Him. Then we need to confess and forsake our sins.

Second, we need to have faith in our hearts. We make Him a liar if we don’t believe Him. God is the One who gives us faith; are we nurturing it by reading the Word, noting our God-sightings, remembering how He has helped us in the past.

Our whole life is based on faith. If we don’t trust our spouse, we will ruin  our marriage. If we don’t trust our boss, we’ll get fired from our job. We trust the doctor when he gives us pills. We trust the pilot who takes us across the country.

If we trust humans how much more should we trust God who cannot lie. We must repent of unbelief, surrender, “Lord, I give you my will and take yours in its place.”

If we are living in the light, walking in trust means God will hear and answer our prayers in whatever way He knows is best!

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